During the week the club learned with great sadness of the death of former athlete Mícheál Ryan.  Whilst not enjoying the best of health over the past few months it still came as a shock for members to hear of his departure from this life.  He will be sorely missed by all his family, relatives and friends in Pinewood Grove, Glasnevin, Dublin where he made his home following his departure from Moyneard as a 17 year old youth. 

Mícheál was a son of one of the club’s founder members, Bill Ryan who along with another 13 parishioners founded Moyne Athletic Club in 1948.  Cross country running was a dominant winter sport of this era and athletics in Tipperary was at an all time high with the County dominating All Ireland senior championships.  For a small rural club, newly formed, to break into this tradition it needed something special and Mícheál was that “something special”. 

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