Taking part in our autumn 5k is Kevin Donovan originally from Ballycotton who is fundraising for the Cork Deaf Association and the Irish Deaf Society.  In 2016, Kevin set himself a goal.  His mission was to run a race in each county in Ireland in 2017 and try to raise money for two charities – the Cork Deaf Association and the Irish Deaf Society. That’s 32 races in 32 counties in 1 year.  As a child he couldn’t speak very well and struggled to communicate what he wanted to say and at the age of five was diagnosed with a Specific Speech and Language Disorder (SSLD). Kevin has already completed 29 races to date having started on the challenge in January. The races so far have been going well and are surpassing Kevin’s expectations. Each race offers its own unique experience whether it be an easy or hard course. His biggest wish is to give back to those who helped him so much in those early years which represented a time of significant change for him.  The 32-county challenge is Kevin’s ‘way of saying thanks ’to the deaf community. We hope people will come out and support Kevin on the day.