Couch to 5K

Are you interested in being able to walk, jog or run 5k? The club are challenging you to complete a 5k on 18th September.  We are hoping to organise groups to take part and everyone will be encouraged to set their own target.  Various options will be available like walking the 5k in 50mins, a brisk walk in 40-45mins, Walk/Jog in 35-39mins, Jog/Run in 30-34mins, run in 25-29mins, strong run in 20-24mins or a very strong run in sub 20mins. If you would enjoy this physical challenge over the summer months and also like to make it a social occasion then please come to Moyne Sportsfield on Wednesday 6th July at 8pm where we will try to get as many as possible to set their target and improve their level of fitness over the following 9 weeks.  Everyone welcome, young and old alike.