Use of Club Facilities

The club are glad to be able to keep the track open so that people can avail of the facility for walking, jogging or running in a safe environment.  However, during the week it was necessary to place a notice on the gate requesting people to keep their distance as the recommendations for social distancing were not being observed.  We must follow the HSE guidelines and we hope people will take heed. If not, we will have to take the step of closing the facility which would be a huge loss to the community. 


The club lotto has been suspended for the moment due to the coronavirus.  We will keep you updated on its resumption. 

2020 Summer Games & June 5k

Both events are scheduled to go-ahead on Wednesday 17th June and Monday 1st June respectively, but should things escalate in the meantime we may be left with no option but to postpone.  We will keep you updated.