Moyne AC 70th year anniversary

This year marks the club’s 70th year anniversary and to commemorate this momentous event the club is organising a Track and Field Evening which will feature a One Mile Men’s invitational. This event will take place on Thursday the 12th of July, starting at 6:30 pm. This exciting event will have competitions for both Juvenile and Senior athletes. This event will be entry-only and all entries should be given to Geraldine before Monday, the 9th of July. The following is a provisional list of events which will take place on the night.

Track                                                         Field


Girls and Boys U/13 600m                  Junior Men Long Jump

Junior Ladies 400m                             Senior Men Weight for distance

Girls and boys U/16 800m

Senior Ladies ‘B’ 400m

Senior Men ‘B’ 400m

Senior Ladies ‘A’ 400m

Senior Men ‘A’ 400m

Senior Ladies ‘B’ Mile

Senior Men ‘B’ Mile

Senior Ladies ‘A’ Mile


The Burma Challenge

The 2012 Burma Challenge will begin on May 2nd.  The Challenge will be run over three Wednesday evenings and one Friday evening in May, and is open to anyone over the age of 15 years.  The Challenge starts at 7.30pm each night.  The entry fee for the Burma Challenge is €10.  This covers your participation in the four evenings.  The Burma Challenge route map is here.

The format of each evening is as follows:

  1. May 2nd:  One the first evening all participants start at the same time and walk, jog or run the Burma route.  Participants are timed for this.  The times are used to place participants into teams of where all abilities are mixed.  Participants then compete over the coming evenings to win prizes for their team.
  2. May 9th:  The second evening is “handicapped”.  This means that participants’ times from the first evening are used to determine the order in which they start.  The slowest participants go first and the fastest go last.  The aim is to have everyone finish at the same time.  The participants are timed again and are competing for their team.
  3. May 16th:  The third evening is the Cycle event.  Everyone is asked to bring along their bike to do the Burma route, but in the opposite direction!  Again, everyone is timed for their team.
  4. Friday May 25th:  On the fourth evening everyone starts together and their times contribute to their team position at the end of the Challenge.

Light refreshments are served at the end of each evening of the Challenge.  

There are lots of prizes at the Burma Challenge.  The main prizes are for the teams which come 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Trophies are presented to the winning teams.

There are also prizes for family achievements e.g. the best mother and son pairing, the best husband and wife pairing. 

Finally, all participants are given a number which is used in a raffle to draw Spot Prizes.

Prizes are given out on the last evening.

Athletics Summer Camp

Athletics Summer Camp
2011 was the first time Moyne Athletic Club held an Athletics Summer Camp and it was a great success.  The camp for 2012 has yet to be arranged but dates will be published soon so watch this space.

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