It is essential that ALL TEAM MEMBERS be present on this Wednesday (15th) for the RELAY EVENT as each team must have 5 participants to complete the challenge.

The team listing has changed significantly following the cycle night of the Burma Challenge.  We are expecting further upheavals after the relay night, so make sure all members of your team are present for the final push over the next two weeks!!!

The following are the team listings after Week 3 of the Burma Challenge:

1. Derryfadda
2. Moynetemple
3. Lisdownowly
4. Kylemakill
5. Boulabeha
6. Longorchard
7. Cooleney
8. Ballyerke
9. Moyne
10. Rahealty
11. Moyneard
12. Killoran
13. Manselstown
14. Ballyduff
15. Lisheen