The 11th Burma 5K Road Challenge will be taking place again this year starting on Wednesday 23rd April @ 7:30pm, for five Wednesday nights.
It is open to walkers, joggers & runners, ladies & men over the age 15.  Last year we celebrated our 10th Birthday and we had over 70 people taking part. 
The rules are very simple.  On the first evening (April 23rd) everybody starts together.  Teams will be selected based on the times achieved on the first night.  On the second night (April 30th) everyone is handicapped so the start is staggered.  The second night also sees the beginning of the Family Challenge which is made up of Husband/Wife, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son.  
The third evening, on the Cycle Challenge on 7thMay, is the round that turns the leader board on its head but is always enjoyed by participant & spectator alike.  So, dust off the cobwebs, oil the brakes, change two legs for two wheels and enjoy a spin round the Burma.  
The new element introduced last year, is the relay round where team members run a 1km section of the Burma.  This will be held on May 14th.  For the Final evening on May 21st everyone starts together for a standard 5km run.
Our Winners last year were Derrafadda and the team members were Patrick Bowe, Liz Power, Sean Kennedy, Sinead Tynan & Euphraisa Ruddy.
The entry fee is €10 in total for the five weeks, which includes a cuppa and chats and to have some fun & exercise so come enjoy, support & meet new people and old friends.