With close on the full complement of 55 athletes taking to the road on Wednesday night last for the second round of the Burma Challenge it proved to be a busy night for the recorders and timers as this was the handicap night where those at the back of the field got to lead the way with those at the head of the field last to commence their run. Arriving back to the Sportsfield it was terrific to see nearly everyone on the track together and when handicap times were deducted from the final results there were again some very good performances and many who were more or less the same as the previous week.  The twist this week is that all participants must predict their own time and also must run without any timing equipment.  Penalties will apply for under or over predicting so there is sure to be some serious calculating from the participants.  Everyone will run together on the night and it is hoped to get the action underway at 7.30pm.