2016_New Year 5k_Poster

The club are hosting a 5k fun run/walk on Sunday 24th January at 12 noon. Cost of entry is €10 with prize money for the first three men and ladies.  This fixture took place for the first time last year and proved to be a great success.  With Operation Transformation taking the country by storm at the moment why not come along and jog/walk 5k.  The effort to put on a pair of runners and track suit for the first time can be huge but the rewards far outweigh the reservations.  Joggers and walkers have an equal place beside the more competitive athletes and the club encourages everyone no matter what their ability is to take part.  On a more serious side with the County Novice taking place over the same course a couple of weeks later it is an ideal opportunity for athletes to test out the course and their fitness.   All proceeds from the event are going to help offset the huge cost of the recent redevelopment of the track.