It is all systems go now for our 2019 Track & Field Games which takes place on July 10 at 6.30pm.  Following on from last year’s successful anniversary games the club are once again promoting a gala night of track and field athletics.  Preparations are ongoing and interest is gathering for the event.  Flyers have been making the rounds of the clubs around the Country and features are on our Facebook page and club website.  Our two main headline races will be an attempt on the sub 4-minute mile for the men and sub 2.05-minute 800mts for ladies which were very nearly reached last year.  The programme also consists of 200mts and 400mts races with additional mile and 800mts events along with long jump and weight for distance.  Entries have been submitted for some of these races and once the required numbers have been reached, we will be unable to accept further entries so don’t lose out.  Contact Martin on 087-2681524 or John on 086-8403515 or e-mail for further details.