On Thursday evening last we had the final round of the Burma Challenge.  It was the Relay round and it was the third year of the Relay. The first years’ combined time for the five athletes was 19.11.  Last year the Ballyerk team of Pakie Bowe, Paul Bowe, Ray Power, Conor O’Mahony and Leona Doyle ran 18.31.  This year at the 500mts change over Toddy Sweeney was timed at 1.56 followed by Eamonn Kelly & Catriona Ryan.  He handed the baton to Tom McGrath who just about held the lead at the 800mts mark from the flying Michelle Percy, Deidre Royce and Frances Long.   At the end of the 1k Aisling Maher, Rahealty and Ray Power, Moyneard finished together, handing over the baton to Sharon Cantwell & Lisa Quinlan respectively.   They ran stride for stride for stride for about 600mts until Tom Percy, Longorchard overtook them to give the lead to his team mate Philip McBain for the final 1,500mts.  He was about 80mts ahead of Liam Kelly, Rahealty at this stage and still had a slight lead of 25mts when he came into the track with 300mts to go.   Liam never gave up and passed Philip on the finishing straight bringing Rahealty home in a new record time of 17.59.  When the relay times were added to the earlier round results the winners were as follows: – 1 Longorchard 173.45 (Philip McBain, Stephen Ryan, Frances Long, Tom Percy, Fiona Kelly).  2 Rahealty 175.40 (Liam Kelly, Aisling Maher, Michelle Percy, Sharon Cantwell, Catriona Ryan).  3 Moynetemple 180.50 (Louise Fogarty, Deirdre Royce, Martin Kiely, Ber Spillane, Eamonn Kelly).  4 Moyneard 181.10, 5 Boulabeha 184.02, 6 Ballyerk 184.16, 7 Derryfadda, 184.26, 8 Moyne 184.52.  In the Family Challenge we had six families taking part – the Powers, Doyle’s, Leahy’s, Ryan’s, Kelly’s and Kiely’s who with a combined time of 59.50 made it two in a row.  Thanks to all the helpers, those organising the cuppa, on the road and doing the results for the past 4 weeks.  Roll on 2020.